About me 

For me, life is a journey, a journey where I want to become more true to myself every day. A journey where I let go of all expectations of how I should be and welcome myself, love myself and listen to all that is me, more and more every day. 

I am Zara 

I'm Zara

My journey to help you has begun with my own healing. I have struggled with my body image and feeling in touch with my body my whole life. I have been ready to give up hope that I have the ability to feel true sexual energy. I have been with my husband for 18 years and have gone from never wanting to meet him sexually to having an amazing sex life where I trust my body and above all, where I don't feel pressured to be more and feel more. For a long time I believed that the path to healing was to create complete control over everything. It was only when I began to let go and trust my body's signals that I began to feel true happiness. When I welcomed all emotions and could dive into sadness, anger, joy and love without distinguishing between them. even in my sexual encounters. Using sexual energy as personal development has been absolutely fantastic for me. Sexuality is such a big part of being human, where we shut down that energy, a big part of us is also lost. Through various tools, great teachers and a true passion for life, I have found a new way to be with myself. A new way to face life together with my body. I have found a way to really enjoy and love myself. I marvel every day at how capable my body is of feeling pleasure and how that journey seems to have no end. My journey can help you find the way to yourself and the way to true connection with other people.

My educations:  

  • Sex, love and relationship coach by Layla Martin VITA 
  • Design & Facilitate transformational experience - MyYoganess 2022
  • Limitless Love - Sofia Sundari 2022
  • Sex & Relationship Therapist Education- Art of Love Lin Holmquist 2021  https://www.dakinitraining.com/dakinis-worldwide
  • Sex & Relationship Therapist Education- assistent - Art of Love Lin Holmqvist 2021 https://www.dakinitraining.com/dakinis-worldwide
  • Reiki Steg 1 - ReikiRossi - Rosanna Irgensdotter 2021 
  • Sacret sexuality - Eliyah Tantra School - Chantelle Raven 2020
  • Relationship Tantra - Eliyah Tantra School - Chantelle Raven 2022
  • Life Coach Grow by Mia Mia Kafkos 2020
  • The daring way -  Entira 2017 
  • Yoga lärare Friskis&Svettis 2012
  • Verksamhetsledare för Friskis&Svettis i 9 år. 
  • Utbildad lärare i IDH och SVA
  • Retraeat för högkänsliga steg 1-2-3  - Högkänslighet Sverige 2018
  • Personlig tränare The Academy 2022
  • Massage terapeut Hälsoteket 2000
  • Thai massör 1998