My mission is, to be at service to the divine feminine


Sex,love and relationship coaching

For you who:

  • Want to be more present and feel more pleasure in your life
  • If you feel numb and disconnected from your body.
  • Feel that you have difficulty feeling or showing your boundaries.
  • Want to develop your love relationship or other relationships in your life.
  • Have a hard time finding your sexual desire.

I want to help you find your way back to your life energy. Together we explore what you need regarding intimacy, communication in relation to yourself and others. I use different methods for you to find contact with your emotions, your body and your needs. When we start a session, we start by establishing clear and defined boundaries. Most often we do some grounding to land in the present, it can be meditation, eyegazing or some breathing exercise.

Then we start working together to help you deal with whatever you're going through that brought you to the session. Thrugh somatic coaching I will help you to meet al your inner parts, your narratives. You will create clarety around what you need and accaptance for who you are. I use coaching, different lasering tools, breathwork, meditation to find the connection between body, mind, emotions and soul. I work with precense and different tools that I have learned true my trainings.

No session is the same, we create a session according to your needs and always with your agreement. 

You can come to my clinic or I can coach you online. 

Tantra terapy/ Sex, love and relationship coaching for couples

This is for you who:

  • Wants to deepen your relationship - to yourself and your partner.
  • Want to meet yourself and your partner in full presence and in new ways.
  • Want to experience more together and who yearn to deepen your relationship.
  • Feel that you have stagnated or find it difficult to find time for intimacy together?
  • Feel that your relationship mostly is about everyday life and old patterns.
  • Feel that you have difficulty being present in your body and finding pleasure
  • Feel that you have different needs for sex and intimacy

We start the session by mindmapping your desire. Realy finding out what you both long for. I then use different tools and exercises to help you to feel closer to each other. I will help you to find ways to express your boundaries, desires and to deepen your communication about your needs.

We will do tantric exercises with the aim that you will meet in presence in different ways. With the help of meditation, comunication, breathing, touch and boundary setting, you are given the chance to explore yourself and your partner in a safe context. The purpose is for you to get tools for new ways to meet your partner.

You also get homework so you can continue the practice at home.  

You can also get tantra terapy online

Personal training

 Personal training is for you who:

  • Want to train in a calm environment.
  • Wants help to find and develop your body's capacity.
  • Wants to use exercise to give your body what it needs to live your best life.
  • Together we find out what your needs are to feel at home in your body.

When you train with me, you get a personal experience in a quiet environment. To love your body is to take care of it in the very best way. Exercise is one of the best ways to connect with the body. Feeling strong and mobile gives us energy, desire and a greater ability to handle days that offer more challenges.

Training is mainly about being able to have the energy to do what we want and having the strength to cope with everything we want to experience. Feeling strong is also a fantastic way to work on your self-esteem and self-image. It is difficult to feel at home in a body that you do not have contact with and that you do not take care of.

For me, my work in tantra, pleasure and spirituality is not a contradiction to training. They go hand in hand and are both part of self-love and an enjoyable and healthy life. It is often during my training sessions or runs that things fall into place and that I have the opportunity to process my feelings.


  • Personal trainer  The Academy
  • Nutrition advisor  Paulins
  • Yoga instructor
  • Individual trainer Friskis
  • Physical education teacher  Linneuniversitetet
  • Massageterapeut  Hälsoteket